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Hi, really like the shader.
Just one question. How can deactivate it? Once I activate it once (create one shader) I'm not able to disable the "blurry" effect. Tryed destroying object and deativating with the global var. How to do it? Thanks and congrats!!

P.D.: Would pay for a performance improvement for fullscreen with all shaders activated.

Very cool shader but everything using "Draw GUI" are simply not rendered at all, which is very annoying.
Did anyone have a fix for it?

Is that because it's using draw GUI end? Have you tried drawing it in the draw gui end event?

Hello, I'm having some problems with the shader (which by the way is excellent). The shader works very well and such, but, for some reason, nothing that was designed in the game's GUI, like text boxes, lives and etc., captures the shader, stays the same, without effect, or is simply not drawn, like my transitions between rooms. I really like this shader, and I would VERY like to use it in my games, so if you can answer me, I'll be grateful, <3 (sorry for my bad English, I'm BR lol)

share code?

Is there a way to make this work with Pixel Pope's palette swapper? At the moment colours become wrong when you change palettes.

Deleted 1 year ago

really not sure as we never tested with HTML5, fell free to test it :)
if you enjoy make a donation or just post here the result ^^

apparently does not work in html5 target

he didn't used the key, enjoy to use it, a halloween gift ^^

just click in the link to get the key :)

Hello Vortex Game Studio! is this asset HTML5 compatible? Thanks!

you ever got an answer